Company Introduction

       Hunan Sokan New Materials Co. Ltd, established in March. 2009 and is a new functional coating material manufacturer, aiming at the high-end consumer electronics, automobiles and other high-end consumer goods in 3C industry, which provides customers with multi-categories systematic solutions such as coatings, special inks and etc. through "interactive" independent R&D process and "customized flexible manufacturing" model.
    In the field of high-end consumer electronics, the company's business has covered four major market segments, including mobile phones and related accessories, notebook computers and related accessories, wearable devices, smart home appliances, and formed a multi-category, integrated product matrix, such as coatings, special inks, etc. Sokan is one of the few world-widely well-known domestic company that have successfully entered the supply system of internationally well-known high-end consumer electronic brands and can compete with Akzo Nobel, PPG and other international giants. Sokan provides system solutions to HP, Google, moto, beats, Philips, Canon, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, oppo, TCL, ASUS, DJI and other well-known high-end consumer electronic brands, and has become the core coating and special ink supplier of Huawei, HP, Xiaomi, vivo, moto and Google. The company's product series of silicone feel paint, 3D glass photosensitive ink, PVD series of coatings, UV series of colored paint, series of waterborne coatings technology and products have leading or advancing ability in industry.
     In the field of automobiles, relying on the technical advantages and brand influence accumulated in the field of high-end consumer electronics, Sokan has successfully achieved major technological and market breakthroughs. The major customers that Sokan entered their supply system include: Geely, GAC, SAIC GM Wuling, Valeo and other well-known domestic and foreign automobile and auto parts manufacturers. The company’s automotive anti fog resin and paint, automotive parts PVD coating technology and products have leading or advancing ability in industry.

  Quality Policy

  Strengthen source prevention and process control;

  Exceed customer's expectation and keep win-win development.

  Safety policy

  People first, safety first;

  Prevention first, comprehensive management, to ensure occupational health and labor safety.

  HSF policy

  Not accepted, not used, not manufactured, not transferred;

  Extending green procurement and implementing whole process control;

  Provide green products, continuous prevention and improvement.

  Environmental policy

  Energy conservation and emission reduction, legal operation;

  Prevent pollution and improve continuously.

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