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Tender Metal

Design Concept Overview

High-end & Appreciation is a topic that appeals to global aesthetic.
Global brand owners are continuously exploring new material and innovation on design, to meet the golden rule of customerdemand -high-end feeling!

The aesthetics and processing potentialityof metal have not been delivered to ultimate, and this series will break traditional metal processing technologies like anodic oxidation, brush, frost, sand blast and etc., and adopt innovative solutions such as optical plating, high-gloss UV coating, elastomeric spray coating, to create new expressive sense of metal.

CMF Solution:

Use optical filming, to create high-gloss ceramic white, high-gloss black, high-gloss coffee color and other high-end aesthetic and breakthrough metal texture.
Combine with high gloss UV painting of super leveling, to create high gloss brush and high gloss frost metal with unique visual effect, to provide customerhigh gloss metal solution at lower cost.
Combine with brand new UV material of Sokan, to realize elastomeric painting metal effect, with metal texture and smooth touch feeling in the meanwhile.


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