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Design concept overview:

The target of this series aims to explore future science and technology sense. By employing more plentiful and interesting process innovation and coating material, it jump out of cognition habit, and bring outstanding multiple dimensional experience. The use of parametric surface, where light and shadow vary in different media and angle, deliversan amazing diversifying light feeling and contractivevisual impulsion by drastic color variation. Meanwhile, by use of first laser carving and second laser carving, realize expressive texture and patterns on plastic surface.

CMF solution:

Apply optical coating technology, to create the blue color with celadon light, and white color with glowing effect.
Use second laser carving, create 2 color variations + 2 glossiness variations
PVD+ nanor colored coating, to create glowing white color effect

Topic 2: new 3 primarycolors•Gold, white, black

Red, yellow, blue are 3 fundamental colors in traditional, while black, gold and white are new 3 primary colors among the main stream intellectual end products in recent years, and received high recognition in consumption market, and gets popular widely in global. Although the brand owners have mature classic solutions of gold, white and black, Sokan still keeps striving to break through and seeking for the new color solutions, and refine and create 3 primary colors in systematic and provide main stream colors for customers reference.


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