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Design concept overview:

Fans economy makes world becomin moe
As Wechat social contact development, moe expression is becoming increasingly active and initiative, like face moe. Moe becomes the feature of this time. As China economy growth slowing down, people are commonly accepting the current of new normal, moe trending will be era characteristicand appeal that people are seeking for in future recession and reform condition.
Moe is expressed in a way by use of simple and direct design and color impulsion, attracting audience at first sight, and establish quick psychological connection. It adopts thehumorousmeans of expression, get rid of regular thinking, and make design more fun and interesting, which brings direct sense and resonance.
The 6 colors of this seriesare inspired from young citizen life and pure natural, wipe off pearl silver powder decoration, no artificiality at all, and realize unmatchable new aesthetic feeling in nature.

CMF solution:

Connotative expression of chameleon paint
Best solution of silicon painting


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