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Design Concept Overview:

Yuppie represents new elite social class-young citizen elites. They are empowered with both enthusiasm and maturity, have insistence on life, with exquisite out-looking, and subtle inner side, full of energy.
Wisdom, high quality, health and energy are the representation of aesthetic value that blends such colors.
Inspired from most fashionable apparel, new technology products, high-end home applications in current, we are keep exploring the color matching to meet this value.
Nobel blue, full red, elegant blue-green, reflectsthe owner’s unique taste and style in tone, saturation, and delicate sense.
Among them, blue is the most likely to be the fourth main stream color out of black, white and gold.

CMF solution:

Creativeplastic+optical coating processing
Pearl powder, silver powder of different particle size combines different quality feeling


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