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Design Concept Overview

With the screen time step by step evolution, glass material has play a key role in the high-end mobile phone and intelligent hardware products, from 2.5D to 3D glass curved glass screen, from the functional role of windows, extending to the decorative role in the future the whole surface of the glass, the glass will become the trend of the appearance of the product innovation, the focus on this insight. To explore new areas of glass coating, with glass etching, heat transfer, nano imprint, optical coating, laser carving, exposure and development process, create new glass aesthetic senses, provides changes from the design elements of color, luster, texture, pattern and other rich, perfect balance and focus on solutions in terms of cost and technology the processing efficiency.

CMF Solution:

Using GDM technology, through the UV transfer glue direct transfer of nano optical structure on the glass, the glass is 2.5D light glare effect.
The 3D glass texture is obtained by the process of glass photoreceptor etching to protect the ink
Through the exposure developing process, the texture of 3D glass and the precision coating and special effect of the special glass are thoroughly solved.
The use of ink-jet + radium carving technology provides a solution of the 3D glass that can be produced.


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