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Cooperation and Ecology-CMF Alliance

Cooperation and Ecology-CMF Alliance

In recent years as the fast growing of consumer electronics and electrical appliance, more and more people started to recognize and become aware of the importance of CMF to product innovation. Relevant enterprises, research institutions, platforms and universities and colleges are stepping into CMF field; while the industrial development is not optimistic, as it still not comes to an effective common sense on design localization, production pass rate and cost control, lack of industrial material for reference, development trending anticipation and etc.
Sokan has been dedicated to providing systematic solution for customers of consumer electronics, as well as CMF exploration, research, sharing and propagation. In early 2012 Sokan collaborated with Central South University and establish jointly Hunan Province UV Polymer Coating Engineering Technology Research Center and Changsha UV Coating Engineering Technology Research Center. The collaboration involves UV curing vibration anti-abrasiveness coating for both underlying and finishing surface, UV curing good hardness & scratch tolerance & anti-fingerprint coating, UV curing anti-bacteria & mold prevention coating, UV curing acid-resisting/alkali-resisting coating, UV curing metal coating and other technological projects customers development, and participation in formulating national UV curing coating industrial standard.

With years of attempt and exploration, Sokan found it is hard to push the industry forward by single company, only by integrating the whole members of industrial chain can push industrial forward. Based on current status and future development problems, Sokan initiates industrial alliance for new ideas and policies collection, and to promote development of CMF industry. Since the alliance, Sokan initiates and organizes 3C Material Application and Global Coating Technology Trending Forum. Through the forum, there discuss the change on 3C industrial material application and the future trend of coating technology in coming years, which provides a platform to inspire and enlighten the smart insights and deep thinking. It opens the creative door for participants and in such a way leads to more opportunity to allow better ideas present on 3C products, so that platform will play a more significant role in helping 3C industry progress and development.