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Thought feast conspire to develop

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In recent years, with the intensification of the functional homogenization of 3C products, people pay more attention to the appearance design of products, and the 3C industry has set a trend of looking at the appearance level.Data released during the first half of 2016 China statistical information service center, points out that in 3 c products of many dimensions, consumers most attention is the appearance, followed by brand, function, quality and configuration.Based on this, many manufacturers hope to create a market trend through the revolutionary innovation of materials and coating technology, which will let consumers get the best of hot style.In recent years, 

Based on this, the BBS in the schools of thought contend, the principle of seeking common ground while putting aside differences, 3 c industry over the years the change of the materials and coating technology to do a literature, do some discussion on the future development trend, built a create insights, trigger a deep thinking platform.

At the meeting, the speech and dialogue participants focused on the topic speech and high-level dialogue around 3C industry material application and coating technology.They judge the situation, study countermeasures to the deep accumulation and professional perspective to bring us the most fresh, the forefront of industry information, for the participants from a door of creativity, so as to make more and better ideas of perfection in the 3C products, boost the progress and development of 3C industry.

At dinner, Sokan held the 10th anniversary of the founding of the new material thanks banquet, as the audience gave a wonderful CMF fashion show, and Dr vice President of the Sokan Yang Bo keynote and on-site product showcase, together constitute the trinity coating technology solutions, wipe out the new spark between the customers and the depth of the resonance.

The success of BBS is held to make different notes to form a harmonious rhythm of the 3C industry.Different colors, together paint a beautiful blueprint of the 3C industry;Different ideas, together to open a splendid future of the 3C industry.


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