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The elite gathers together

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3C industry, especially the rise of smart phones, with its powerful feature-rich application make inch screens and connected to the world, and all things are interlinked, thus created a mobile Internet era, has greatly changed people's way of life.As a population and manufacturing power, China occupies a pivotal position in the global 3C industry.

As the location of this BBS, Hunan is one of important new material research and development production base in China, it has formed from development to production, combining study, all kinds of new material industry system, has a large number of leading international new materials technology and materials of key new products.

In the first three quarters of 2016, the total value of new materials of 695 new materials enterprises in the province was 28.20.48 billion yuan, and the added value was 67317 million yuan.

The total value of new materials is expected to reach 380 billion yuan in 2016.

Especially in the 3 c material and coating technology, Hunan has a unique resource advantages, central south university, national university of defense technology, Hunan University, metallurgical materials research institute of Hunan province and Changsha mining and metallurgy institute is a scientific research institutes of science and technology innovation strength and talent team, the province has formed from the mineral raw materials, materials processing - 3 c material application of relatively complete industrial chain, emerging out of the Lens Technology, Sokan New Materials, plant a batch of excellent well-known enterprises such as Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., LDT.

With a strong desire to continue healthy development in the 3C industry, and the desire to contribute to the industry's progress through its own efforts, as a well-known enterprises in 3C coating industry , the industry called China coating industry "hidden champions" Sokan New Material to undertake the duties of the BBS launch event promoters, invite 3C industry of the world's leading experts together, to talk industry trends, dialogue and win-win development.

The industry elites invited have been the technical director and design director of the 3C brand in the world, and vertical and horizontal industry of 3c industry chain enterprises, engineering director, sales director. The world famous companies such as the authority of experts of OPPO, Vivo, Zte, Huawei, Millet, Letv, HP, Samsung, Foxconn, Corning, Solvay on behalf of all present, to the belonged to the 3C's grand party, depicts the 3 c industry prosperity of a better future together.

This activity has been carefully guided by the economic and information commission of Hunan province, Ningxiang economic and technological development zone, and the support of Foxconn Technology Group and New Materials Online.Mr. Liu hui, deputy director of the provincial trust committee, visited BBS and delivered a speech on the future trend of the 3C industry from the macro policy level.The technical director of Foxconn, Dr. Jiang chuanhua, came to the podium to bring professional insight to the audience.The CEO of New Materials Online, Dr. Zhao wenfeng, took the chair and organized an excellent high-level dialogue for everyone.

In a host address link, the National Ministry of Science and Technology innovation, entrepreneurial talent, to engage in China's first generation of UV coatings research and development and promotion of representative, One of the important pioneers and promoters of PVD industry in China , one of the pioneers and promoters of Sokan New Material Co., LTD., founder, chairman and CEO Mr LingYunJian pointed out that to cope with the increasingly changing industry conditions, hope BBS collision with all sorts of cutting-edge fashion ideas and opinions, can let everybody gains and enlightenment, hopes that by this BBS achievements can exert a force on the development of 3 c industry, the set of all the cake make big industry.


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