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New pattern: SOKAN UV coating won "Hunan famous brand products"

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A few days ago, after review agencies at all levels review, on-site inspection and public, "SOKAN" brand new material production UV coating was first in Hunan province quality technology supervision bureau rated "brand-name products in Hunan province", marks the company brand value promotion again.

In the face of new market opportunities and challenges, the company continuously strengthen innovation and product research and development, determine the technical route of marketing, adhere to all take the customer as the center, efforts to provide customers with high quality, safety, environmental protection, cost-effective products, to further improve and create corporate brand and value.

At present, the company has completed 25 key research and development projects in 2016, applying for 5 national invention patents and 4 authorized invention patents by the state intellectual property office.

In recent years, the company in technology innovation, market development, production management, quality management, cultural construction actively implement the brand strategy, enhance corporate external image and market competitiveness, has made remarkable achievements.

In 2014, Sokan trademark was awarded famous trademark in Hunan province.

At present, "SOKAN" brand has been spread all over the country with the products of the company, and has been recognized by the market and the customers.


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