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New breakthrough: the union will work a new step

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On February 8, Liu Lianyu, deputy director of the standing committee of Hunan provincial people's congress and chairman of Hunan provincial federation of trade unions, investigated Sokan new materials and learned about the work of the company's union under the guidance of zhou hui, secretary of the county party committee of Ningxiang county.

In the company brand experience museum, the chairman of the company Ling Yunjian explained to Liu Lianyu the company's development history, business scope and future vision.

When Sokan is the industry leader, and conduct business on a global scale, chairman Liu paid tribute to this, she hopes Sokan continue to become bigger and stronger, stride forward towards higher and further business target.

Subsequently, Liu Lianyu's delegation came to the company's staff activity center to visit the forefront of the work of the company's union.

In 2016, the home of Labour union of Sokan in changsha city crowned top ten model worker, Liu, chairman of the trade union work said highly affirmation to Sokan, she encouraged to further strengthen the humanistic care of employees, continuously improve the cohesion of the staff and professional quality, and strive to build a home become a provincial model worker,  promote the development of  the company by emphasizing the union's work.


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