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Du Jiahao inspected Sokan New Materials and managed to build a global industry benchmark

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On July 15, deputy secretary of Hunan provincial party committee and governor Du Jia hao came to Sokan New Material, accompanied by chairman Ling Yunjian, visited the new products exhibition hall, research and development center and production workshop of matsui.He deeply understands the business situation of the company, and gives full affirmation to Sokan's modern high-tech enterprise image and strong technical r&d strength.

  At the beginning of the car, Du's line went straight to the product exhibition hall, and when he saw the welcome subtitle of "song mao jing run,rui zhi da cheng" in the exhibition hall, Du said he was curious and asked the origin of it.Ling Yunjian explained that Sokan was like a pine tree that was luxuriant and unyielding. As clear and sweet as well water.This is the business character of Sokan and the life creed of Sokan.

Exhibition hall, one "wearing" Sokan paint coat electronics caused Du Jiahao interest, holding his watch carefully, detailed understanding of the characteristics and application scope of these products.These electronic products are used to paint Sokan, including process protection and the ultimate oil layer.At the same time, based on the field of consumer electronics through resource integration, collaborative innovation, and constantly to the car, white goods and military field to diversify development, many well-known brands at home and abroad are Sokan’s customers, the company already have strength in the fight against global giant Chambers.Du Jiahao listen, don't live jaw to express appreciation.

In the production workshop, the orderly distribution of solvent pipes and reactors attracts Du jiahao to watch carefully.Learned, Sokan's production workshop may apply half automation, formula through the computer input, automatic calculation in the proportion and dosage of the raw materials and can significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of production, and second phase of the production workshop, the annual production capacity can reach 3 billion yuan.

Walking in the green and yellow park, Du Jiahao praised Sokan's park planning and construction, and detailed the staff's work and life situation.In Sokan is preparing, Du Jiahao very concerned, hope Sokan has maintained a good growth and profitability, reasonable absorption on the industry chain of stakeholders in, make full use of capital platform, promote enterprise operation.LingYunJian said, listing to let Sokan on a bigger platform  to realize their own industry ideal, to achieve integration of fine materials, at the same time, through upstream and downstream industry chain, for the achievement 10 quintillion Sokan, internationalization Sokan solid step.

During the inspection, Du was most concerned about the company's technical research and development strength. He hoped Sokan would be better hone the research and development strength and lead the market with technical innovation.LingYunJian introduction, Sokan is a typical capital-intensive and technology-intensive enterprises, the sales revenue of 6% a year on research and development, now has a high quality of the internationalization of r&d team, has a group of foreign advanced experimental testing equipment, at the same time of independent research and development, actively carry out cooperation between colleges and effective use of external platform, honing high pointed pure technical strength.

At the end of the visit, Du Jiahao hook hands with LingYunJian farewell, and Sokan strong message to integrate resources advantage, insist on innovation, driven to wei chu "material" inject new connotation, new building materials industry in the global a famous Chinese name card.


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