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Participate in “Hundred Enterprises Union Hundred Villages” Poverty alleviation Operation

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On August 30, in order to practically implement the “Hundred Enterprises Union Hundreds Villages” poverty alleviation operation jointly, under the leadership of Song Haibo, the Party member of association of industry and commerce and Yu Fuxiang, secretary of Huabao Village Party branch, Xu Ruihong, HR director of SOKAN New Materials, visited villages in poverty of the village and donated cash 30,000 yuan. This is another donation action of SOKAN New Materials since its 110,000 yuan cash donation and 18,000 yuan worth of cement in July. 51 households received donation, whose poverty is mostly caused by illness or disability, the donation amount provided by SOKAN is from 300 yuan – 5000 yuan which is delivered based on the information provided by village Party branch on object poverty household’s circumstances and poverty level.


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