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Help the post disaster reconstruction of Huabao Village

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In late June, heavy rain continued in many regions in Hunan Province which have caused floods, and the situation in Ningxiang is particularly severe. On July 6, after knowing the serious shortage of cement and other construction materials in Ningxiang flood relief operation, SOKAN New Materials immediately organize cadres, Party members and trade union members to form a volunteer team and sent four trucks of cement to Huabao Village. Meanwhile, SOKAN’s charity action received focus and supports from governmental departments, Xiao Jianhui, deputy director of Economic Development Bureau of Economic Development Zone led SOKAN New Materials volunteer team and visited disaster relief front-line to guide on-site flood rescue work.

When the donations arrived, volunteers from SOKAN New Materials instantly helped severely affected villagers to clean up the garbage regardless of the hot weather and odor in an orderly manner. Affected villagers felt the strong social family feeling and were very excited, thankful and graceful.

It is reported that Ningxiang Huabao Village is the targeting overcome-poverty village of SOKAN New Materials in the “Hundred Enterprises Union Hundred Villages” poverty alleviation operation. This round of heavy rainfall has led to over 4500 villagers being affected, 141 households have been immersed in water, 95 houses collapsed and the area of affected main crops reached 3260 mu. Mr. Yu, the village Party secretary introduced: “At present, all disaster recovery work is in orderly operation, thanks to the help of SOKAN New Materials, concerns and supports from all the people, we are confident to rebuild their homes, restore production, and overcome the difficulties!”


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