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Love and companionship, practice charity activities

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——Senior team of SOKAN New Materials participated in the care for elderly volunteer activity

Reported on May 14, the senior team of SOKAN New Materials visited Liwachi Community Public Service Center to participate in the Caring for the Elderly Volunteer Activity, making this ordinary Mother’s Day warmer and more meaningful.

This volunteer activity is organized by Changsha Shifangyuan Elderly Hospice and Mind Care Center, Shifangyuan Elderly Hospice and Mind Care Center, is a national charity organization providing hospice and minding care for terminal severe elderly. After one day of study and experience, 15 SOKAN senior members were able to join Shifangyuan and became one-star caring volunteers.

It was their first experience of volunteering activity and they had many confusions and misunderstandings of how to care elderly. Through lively case explanation of tutors of Shifangyuan, softness and charity thoughts of SOKAN employees were awakened, the tutors have taught us how to keep a calm and equal state of mind, pass on warmth, care and love of lives. During the internal sharing session, all participants opened their hearts, told past stories and hope the moment of affection can lead to more grateful to their parents.

After a morning of love baptism, led by senior volunteers of Shifangyuan, the senior team of SOKAN was divided into 3-person groups to conduct volunteer activities in Xiaoshantang (filial piety and goodness hall) Elderly Rehabilitation Center. After a short period of adjustment, everyone gradually entered the state and kindly and carefully listened to the homely and past stories of the elderly, provided helps and had meaningful and memorable 40 minutes time with the elderly. The old people’s optimism and generousness brought the team a great touch, the team was all sighed in this magnificent sunset red; however, the quietness after the hubbub and the deep loneliness worried the team, they hope to bring more warmth, love and cares for the elderly.

Filial piety is the most important of all virtues, just like the core values advocated by Shifangyuan: each life needs to be taken care of, so we do not analyze, do not judge, do not define, that is, love and companionship. On the road of spreading big love, we need to pay sincere attention and invest fully to feel the joy and beauty, and become a better person.


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