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Assist in the Flood and Disaster Relief, SOKAN New Materials is in Action

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In late June, heavy rain continued in many regions in Hunan Province which have caused floods, and the situation in Ningxiang is particularly severe. Flood is ruthless, but people have mercy, after knowing the disaster, Ling Yunjian, the chairman of SOKAN New Materials instantly instructed to actively join the flood fighting and rescue operation, arrange disaster relief donation as well as input more manpower and material resources in the relief operation.

Go deep into the front-line: donate materials and clean up post disaster garbage

On July 6, after knowing the shortage of cement and other construction materials in Ningxiang Huabao village flood fighting relief operation, SOKAN New Materials immediately organized a volunteer team of cadres, Party members and Workers’ Union committee members and donated 4 trucks of cement. Meanwhile, SOKAN’s charity action received focus and supports from governmental departments, Xiao Jianhui, deputy director of Economic Development Bureau of Economic Development Zone led SOKAN New Materials volunteer team and visited disaster relief front-line to guide on-site flood rescue work.

When the donations arrived, volunteers from SOKAN New Materials instantly helped severely affected villagers to clean up the garbage regardless of the hot weather and odor in an orderly manner. Affected villagers felt the strong social family feeling and were very excited, thankful and graceful.

It is reported that Ningxiang Huabao Village is the targeting overcome-poverty village of SOKAN New Materials in the “Hundred Enterprises Union Hundred Villages” poverty alleviation operation. This round of heavy rainfall has led to over 4500 villagers being affected, 141 households have been immersed in water, 95 houses collapsed and the area of affected main crops reached 3260 mu, destroyed 8410 m of channels, 87 water ponds were damaged, more than 660,000 yuan worth of rural drinking water facilities were damaged. Over 2000 m rural roads and 14 bridges were destroyed in the flood, 350 m of Wujiang river bank burst, 19 base electrical poles collapsed and cracked, nearly 50 householders were damaged including all villages shops, crop farming industry, breeding industry and so forth.

Mr. Yu, the village Party secretary introduced: “At present, all disaster recovery work is in orderly operation, thanks to the help of SOKAN New Materials, concerns and supports from all the people, we are confident to rebuild their homes, restore production, and overcome the difficulties!”

Actively conduct self-rescue: donation for affected employees

At the same time, the company also paid attention to the affected employees of the reconstruction work, actively called for employees to donate to the affected employees which were warmly welcomed by all employees. Within just 2 days, they have raised 42,330 yuan donation funds, and these funds were handed over to affected employees instantly. Meanwhile, when the CEO Mr. Ling heard that the household of employee Huang Meiliang of the company EHS Equipment Engineering Department was severely affected in the disaster, therefore he decided to add additional 20,000 yuan to help Huang Meiliang to reconstruct his family and overcome the difficult period.

Generosity: actively donate, fulfill social responsibilities

Facing disasters, people shall work together. SOKAN New Materials not only conducted donations to its affected employees, organize employees to help in the front-line, meanwhile, the company was generous and actively practice its social responsibilities. So far, the company has donated 110,000 yuan to Ningxiang Town Charity Association for post-disaster reconstruction work and to help the affected people overcome difficulties.

As a key enterprise in Ningxiang, in addition to its well business operation, SOKAN New Materials has been silently responsible for its social responsibilities: make financial donations to assist education, provide helps in education and the poor, help and rescue children in poverty, care for the elderly, participate in “Hundred Enterprises Union Hundred Villages” poverty alleviation operation … since its inception, its has never stopped participating in all kinds of public welfare activities. Under the influence of this thanksgiving culture, SOKAN has won the loyalty of employees and praises from all social sectors. When disaster struck, help came from all sides. In the future, SOKAN New Materials will continue its culture, spread its loves across Sanxiang area (Hunan province) and benefit the region.


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