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Matsui (Southern China) business etiquette training - enhance self-image and achieve corporate image

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As front-line workers, sales, technicians, proofing engineers and so forth need to communicate with clients frequently, good business etiquette can not only represent personal accomplishment, but also represent SOKAN’s company image. Between May 10 to May 11, SOKAN•Southern China organized a unique business etiquette training in Changan Town.

During the training, the training tutor Teacher Lan carried out the whole training activities with humorous style and with personal experiences, which made every realize the importance of business etiquette and made everyone gain a lot of knowledge.

After the train, they commented that they had not only learned the importance of business etiquette, understood that during business communications, personal styles of dressing, speech and deportment, the ways of getting along with people with business etiquette would demonstrate personal quality and could better display corporate image.    



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