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Outward bound training in Southern China

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Between March 22 and March 23, after rigorous screen, project confirmation, and details consultation, SOKAN·Southern China development training finally started. There were a total of 38 persons participated in the development training including personnel of marketing, technology, quality, production, warehousing, finance, and integrated service groups.

Guangdong Qingyuan Xinyinzhan Hot Spring International Team Training Base was selected for this development training, with green mountains and fresh water and the guidance of professional coach, all participants completed all kinds of development projects in such an easy and nice environment and atmosphere. After the development training, everyone achieved a consensus on the future work: overcome the psychological inertia, cultivate willpower to overcome difficulties; inspire imagination and creativity, and improve the ability to solve problems; recognize the functions of groups, enhance the sense of participation and collective responsibilities; improve interpersonal relationships, learn to care, and cooperate with the community more harmoniously.



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