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Theme outdoor development

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On June 14, a themed and joint outdoor development activity participated by 5 departments including the Human Resource Administration Department, Product Application Department, Safety Operation Department, Financial Department and Storage and Logistics Department was held in Ningxiang Sunshine Hotel.

The development training lasted for two days, the first day contained development training project, the participants completed team building, instigate people, market password, flash fax, island survival, armored vehicles and so on. They conducted a joint development training called “trials and hardships of the life road”with Gold Cup Cables Co., Ltd. In other words, team members were separated into 2-person groups and all people shall closely cooperated with each others to overcome difficulties on the roads during uphill, downhill and through obstacles. The second day was a half day battle (field battle), members were divided into two and worn black and green camouflage caps. Under the leadership of team leaders, they had to defense or attack. During the whole battle, tactics were very important which required clear duty allocation, cooperation and teamwork to win the battle. Although 1 and a half days were short, everyone was tired after the training; however, they had great experiences, summarized reasons for failures and factors for success and experienced the power of teams. The development training project achieved its desired effects.



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