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Investor protection publicity | rational investment away from illegal securities and futures activities

Investor protection publicity | rational investment away from illegal securities and futures activities

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Investor protection publicity | rational investment away from illegal securities and futures activities

(Summary description)



National Investor Protection Publicity Day


Choose legal institutions and stay away from illegal subjects
Stick to rational investment and beware of being cheated


Songjing actively fulfilled the social responsibilities of listed companies, conscientiously implemented the relevant work requirements of regulatory departments and industry associations, organized and carried out the fourth "May 15 national Investor Protection Publicity Day", strengthened investor education and protection, and effectively protected the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Here, I solemnly remind investors to adhere to rational investment and beware of being deceived.


What is illegal securities and futures activities


Illegal securities and futures activities refer to the activities of issuing securities and operating securities and futures business that should be approved or approved by the securities regulatory department or the department authorized by the State Council according to law and should be subject to legal supervision without approval. Illegal securities and futures activities are characterized by wide coverage, strong deception, great harm and rapid spread. They are malignant tumors in economic and social life and seriously endanger social stability and financial security. Small and medium-sized investors must pay attention to preventing illegal securities and futures activities and safeguard their property safety.

What are the specific forms of illegal securities and futures activities


The main manifestations of illegal securities and futures activities are as follows: first, fabricating false information such as the company's imminent listing at home and abroad or the approval of the government departments for the issuance of shares to lure the public to buy the so-called "original shares"; Second, illegal intermediaries illegally buy or sell unlisted company shares to the public or act as agents in the name of "investment consulting institutions", "property rights brokerage companies", "foreign capital companies or investment companies' representative offices in China" without the approval of legal authorities; Third, in the name of securities investment, illegal elements use high returns as bait to defraud the masses of money. In recent years, with the increasing crackdown by the regulatory authorities, the pattern of illegal securities and futures activities by illegal elements has been constantly renovated. Investors need to be careful to identify and prevent them from falling into these traps.

Illegal securities and futures activities are a typical stakeholder type of illegal and criminal activities, which seriously interfere with the normal economic and financial order and undermine social harmony and stability. Illegal elements often use false identities and false information to lure investors into being cheated by exaggerating propaganda, promising benefits and other means in various forms. After defrauding investors of their money, lawbreakers often squander it immediately or run away, making it difficult for investors to recover their losses.


How to identify illegal securities and futures activities?


1. It depends on the business qualification. The securities and futures industry is a franchise industry. According to the regulations, the securities and futures business needs to be approved by the CSRC and obtain the corresponding business qualification. If you want to know whether a company has been approved for public issuance, you can query the administrative license information column on the website of China Securities Regulatory Commission (www.csrc., and you can also log in the websites of Shanghai Stock Exchange (www.sse. Com. CN), Shenzhen Stock Exchange (www.szse. Cn) and Beijing stock exchange (www.bse. CN) to query the specific information of new share issuance; If you want to know whether a company or personnel is qualified for securities and futures business, you can log in to the website of China Securities Regulatory Commission or the websites of China Securities Association (www.sac. Net. CN) and China Futures Association (www.cfchina. ORG) for inquiry.

2. Look at the marketing methods. To carry out securities and futures business activities, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of securities and futures laws and regulations on the management of investors' Appropriateness. When conducting business promotion, legal securities and futures business institutions generally use cautious terms, do not exaggerate publicity and false publicity, and fully disclose business risks as required. However, most of the illegal elements take advantage of the investors' psychology of "getting rich overnight" or being eager to make a loss, and use exaggerated, provocative or eye-catching propaganda terms. They often call themselves "teachers" and "God of stocks", and attract investors with such statements as "trading with buying", "recommending dark horses", "providing inside information", "ensuring no loss", "guaranteeing listing", "one-to-one guidance by experts", "docking private placement". Securities and futures investment is risky, and it is impossible to make a profit without losing.

3. Look at the remittance account. Generally speaking, the purpose of illegal securities and futures activities is to cheat investors and obtain illegal income. In order to achieve this goal, lawless elements often adopt various marketing methods, such as discounts, discounts, frequent reminders, and creating a sense of urgency, to urge investors to deposit funds into their controlled bank accounts as soon as possible. Legal securities and futures business institutions can only conduct business in the name of the company, and can only open bank accounts in the name of the company. They will not collect money from personal accounts or non institutional accounts. Investors should be extra cautious in the remittance process. If the collection account is an individual account or is inconsistent with the name of the institution, investors must not remit money to it.

4. Look at the Internet address. The websites of illegal securities and futures websites are often composed of letters and numbers without special significance, or letters and numbers are changed or added on the basis of the websites of legal securities and futures business institutions. Investors can check the websites of legal securities and futures business institutions through the websites of CSRC, China Securities Association and China Futures Association, and do not log on to illegal securities and futures websites to avoid falling into traps and suffering losses.


Ten common scams of illegal securities and futures activities on the Internet


Trick 1: fake legal institutions or personnel

Main methods:Illegal elements use websites, apps, wechat and other channels to impersonate legitimate securities companies, fund companies or their partners. Some also set up fake websites and fake agencies, publish false professional qualification certificates and professional teams, and carry out illegal securities activities by opening accounts, recommending stocks, promising income, collecting membership fees or guidance fees, and entrusted financial management, so as to lure investors. It is often required to remit membership fees, consulting fees, service fees, etc. to their designated accounts, especially personal accounts. In addition, there are also lawless elements who fake the names of the CSRC and the stock exchange to defraud investors in the name of making up for their losses.


Case:The lawless elements impersonate a staff member of a securities company, send the latest trading software of the securities company to the customer through wechat and add friends, introduce the latest software to the customer, support the free ten markets, and enjoy preferential rates. The investor Wang was attracted by the free and preferential functions, so he downloaded the software to register. When the bank card is bound, the bank card transfer is conducted under the guidance of the "staff". After the operation, the account fund balance becomes 230 yuan, and the fund is missing. Wang immediately contacted the "staff", who had been deleted as a wechat friend. It is verified that the trading software app is an app of a securities company counterfeited by lawless elements and used an app with the same logo as the official software of the securities company to cheat.


Trick 2: experts recommend bull stocks for free

Main methods:First, lawless elements, through wechat (official account, friends circle, add friends), Weibo, forums, stock bars, QQ, etc., use exaggerated publicity terms such as "big data diagnosis", "recommended dark horse", "expert one-to-one guidance" and "no income, no charge", or advocate the "performance" of stock speculation in the past to attract members or customers. Second, after the investors joined wechat group, QQ group and network live room, some people who called themselves "teachers", "experts", "stock gods" and "old masters" actually recommended stocks to investors illegally in the name of teaching stock trading experience and training stock trading skills, in order to obtain "reward fee", "training fee" or income sharing, and some lawless elements recommended stocks for free first, Then take the opportunity to invite investors to join the "internal VIP group" or "VIP Live Room", claiming that there are more professional "teachers" to provide more high-end services, and charge high service fees under various names. These so-called "experts" are not qualified for securities investment consulting.


Case:Zhao is a self styled senior "bull stock expert" and "private equity ace trader". He claims to have worked in many well-known securities companies, posted screenshots of stock accounts on many websites and blogs to show that the stocks he operates are profitable, and boasted that he obtained investment information of doubling bull stocks through internal channels to induce investors to contact him. Zhao recruited people and instructed employees to guide investors to buy and sell stocks through QQ groups, mobile phone SMS, and stock selling software. He collected more than 8 million yuan from investors in the name of "guidance fees, consulting fees, service fees, membership fees", and the investors suffered serious losses.


Trick 3: the "pig killing plate" behind the stock recommendation in the live broadcast room

Main methods:Individuals or institutions open live broadcast rooms on the network live broadcast platform, become "anchor", "broadcaster" and "circle leader", and regard themselves as "stock god", "big V" and "teacher", claiming to have a senior investment background and magical actual combat performance. They use the names of "expert guidance", "big guy Kanban" and "famous experts talking about stocks" to promote and induce investors to recharge and buy virtual coins or gifts on platforms such as "gold coins" and "flowers", Through "live subscription", "paid articles", "paid questions and answers" and other projects, investors can continue to pay. They even used the live broadcast room to call out orders in real time, direct investors to buy and sell stocks at the same time, and conduct deceptive stock recommendation for large-scale shipments, so as to lure investors to accept orders at a high price. The sharp drop of the stock price on that day led to heavy losses for investors. They were suspected of fraud, manipulation of the securities market, illegal stock recommendation (illegal operation) and other illegal and criminal activities.


Case:In September 2020, a group solicited a large number of investors through multiple 500 person wechat groups to carry out "live stock recommendation" activities in a financial broadcast room, claiming that there were at least three limit boards for a stock, and encouraging a large number of investors to buy the stock at the limit price. More than 100 investors believed that the "live big V" had bewitching remarks and bought the stock at the limit price, which fell for three consecutive days, resulting in heavy losses. This group does not have the qualification for securities investment consulting and operation. It hides a large number of "nurseries" in QQ group and wechat group, boasting that it has made high profits under the recommendation of "stock recommendation experts", exaggerating its capital strength, and luring investors into a financial broadcast room. In the live broadcast room, investors were induced to use their own securities accounts to accept stocks at the high limit price, causing heavy losses to investors and suspected of manipulating the securities market.


Trick 4: bait such as "professional institutions" and "inside information"

Main methods:Illegal elements use wechat, Weibo, blog, QQ group, stock bar, short video, etc. to cheat investors through prepared "scripts", and use "private funds", "professional institutions", "inside information" and other bait to attract members or customers, and collect membership fees, consulting fees or service fees; Some also claim that they can provide stock information and trading time points to obtain high returns, and charge high fees or shares.


Case:Zhang, an investor, received a call at home. The other party claimed that he was a well-known private equity fund company in China and had a large amount of inside information. There were experts in charge of trading to ensure profits. After paying a certain fee to the institution, investors can know the information of stock trading in advance through wechat or telephone. The fees paid by investors range from 15800 yuan to 58800 yuan. After being introduced, Zhang browsed the company's website on the Internet and saw a large number of stock research reports and market analysis published on the website. He felt that the company was very professional and agreed to accept the consulting services of the company and paid the service fee. In fact, the company is only a shell company and does not have the qualification of securities investment consulting. The service fee paid by Zhang has also been lost.


Trick 5: promise high-income illegal customer financing

Main methods:Lawless elements use portal websites, financial websites, forums, stock bars, blogs, microblogs, wechat and other new media as marketing platforms to openly attract customers. They often attract investors to participate in entrusted financial management in the form of "promised income", "profit sharing" and "sitting on the market". Although investors cannot verify the legitimacy of their entrusted financial management, They still sign the so-called "entrusted financial management agreement" with illegal elements. After paying the investment funds, most of them can not recover the investment funds or suffer major losses. In fact, these swindlers basically take the means of reverse operation between the accounts of many cheated investors and their own accounts to obtain illegal benefits and even illegally occupy the property of investors.


Case:Wang, an investor, received a call from a consulting company. The salesman said that the company was a professional securities investment company, which could recommend stocks to investors, and the investors could operate the stocks themselves, with a profit of 37%. With a try and see attitude, Wang agreed to cooperate with the company. The first stock earned 10000 yuan, and Wang remitted 3000 yuan to the company according to the agreement. However, the several stocks recommended subsequently fell continuously. Mr. Wang wanted to ask the salesman of the company for an explanation, but the telephone was no longer available. Mr. Wang suffered great economic losses for this.


Trick 6: selling magic stock trading software

Main methods:Engage in securities investment consulting business in the name of selling securities consulting software tools and terminal equipment, or after-sales service, technical training, etc. When selling the "stock recommendation software", lawbreakers often exaggerate and publicize the "magic" function of the software, and even publicize that they can provide or adjust the "stock pool" of the software manually, "if you want to do a good job in stocks, you should join the company, become a member, and be guided by experts", so as to achieve the purpose of deceiving investors.


Case:Li saw and publicized a stock trading software on a certain website, claiming that it can accurately reveal the trading points of stocks. The hotline operator on the website enthusiastically introduced the stock trading performance of the software, and vowed that as long as the software is purchased to become a member, there will be stock information provided to ensure steady profits. Because of the recent market shock, Li bought the software with 5000 yuan and the use period was 3 months. But soon, Li found that the actual effect of the software was quite different from the claimed content, so he proposed a refund to the company. The company said that it could extend the service to Li for three months free of charge and recommend stocks with inside information. Subsequently, Li always bought high and sold low, not only did he not make money, but he fell into the situation of heavy losses. According to investigation, the company has no qualification for securities investment consulting, and is actually engaged in illegal investment consulting activities by selling stock recommendation software.


Trick 7: inducing participation in new variety investment

Main methods:After the recommended "bull stocks" failed, the lawless elements recommended new investment products such as foreign exchange, precious metals, oil, postal currency cards, bulk commodities, or overseas indexes to investors on the grounds of "poor stock market" and "low profit rate of stock speculation". It is claimed that these new investment varieties have the characteristics of low investment, high return, flexible and convenient trading, and are suitable for ordinary people to invest or make portfolio investment with stocks. The "nurseries" in wechat group and QQ group disguise themselves as investors, upload screenshots of trading profits, boast of rich profits, induce other investors to download trading software or app to register and open accounts, and merge into gold to participate in trading.


Case:In such cases, most of these new varieties are subject to leveraged trading, some of which are as high as tens or even hundreds of times, and a slight fluctuation in the market will cause substantial losses; Some trading platforms or their exhibition institutions guide investors to trade frequently by means of "shouting orders" to earn high handling fees; Some platforms deliberately reverse "order shouting", causing investors to quickly lose money and sell out; Some platforms require additional funds on the ground of replacing "senior teachers" to help investors recover losses, resulting in further aggravation of losses; Some investors find that they have been cheated when they have lost all their capital, and then pull them out of the exchange group. Some of these trading platforms are gambling with investors. The loss of investors is the income of the trading platform and its members and other exhibition institutions and marketing personnel. Some trading platforms implement virtual trading, and their trading trend chart (K-line chart) copies the previous quotations of the overseas market, and is controlled by illegal elements through the background. Once investors participate in the trading, they will lose their money.


Trick 8: cheat by "member upgrade" and "compensation refund"

Main methods:After the illegal elements recommended stocks and caused losses to investors, they took advantage of the embarrassing situation that investors were already in a loss, and used various "tricks" to persuade investors to participate in higher-level member groups and pay more "membership fees", causing investors to lose more and more.

Case:Investor a paid a membership fee of 5000 yuan and became a member of an investment consulting company. In the past three months, the stocks recommended by the company's "Teacher Wang" were all in the state of loss quilt. On one day, investor a received a call from the company for after-sales return visit. The return visit personnel said that the stocks recommended by the company were stocks with trading limits, and they would thoroughly investigate the loss of A. Two days later, a received a call calling himself "a director", saying that in order to make up for a's loss, the company upgraded a to a senior member at a preferential price. As long as he paid 8000 yuan, he could enjoy the treatment of 38868 yuan as a senior member. He personally guided the stock speculation and guaranteed to obtain more than 50% of the income. In order to recover the previous losses, a remitted 8000 yuan to the company. Originally, he thought he could recover the losses, but then no one answered the phone. A only then did he understand that he had been deceived again and again and fell into the trap of illegal investment consulting institutions.


Trick 9: false "original shares", "board listing" and "overseas listing"

Main methods:Lawless elements use the concepts of "science and Technology Innovation Board", "growth enterprise board" and "NASDAQ" to hype, and use "original shares", "transfer board listing" and "overseas listing" as the pretext to make false publicity and fictitious materials, fabricate the false image that the company is about to be listed, and induce individual investors who do not know the truth to buy the so-called "original shares"; Some companies peddle "original shares" when promoting their products, promising a high proportion of dividends and absorbing a large amount of public funds.


Case:1. Mr. Su joined the wechat group recommended by the staff of private equity company B, and was very excited about the trading stocks recommended by the group every day. The staff of private placement company B recommended to Mr. Su to buy the original shares of company H on the new third board, and said that the original shares would be listed in the IPO in three months at most, and there would be more than ten trading boards after listing. Su listened to the advocacy and remitted 750000 yuan to Li, the shareholder of H company, and bought 50000 shares of "H company shares". After Su made a remittance, he was kicked out of the wechat group. Half a year later, Mr. Su received a call from the public security organ and learned that the money he remitted had not been converted into shares of H company, but was occupied by others. 2. One day, a famous woman on Xiaogang's wechat added his friend. After chatting, the woman claimed that her uncle was the leader of a stock exchange. She had inside information and learned that a company was about to be listed on the main board from the new third board. It was predicted that the company's stock price would definitely rise sharply after it was listed on the main board. Xiaogang thought it was a good time to ask about the way to buy the company's shares. The woman then "half pushed" to help resolve Xiaogang's qualification to buy the new third board shares and contacted a shareholder of the company. After several negotiations, the two sides happily traded 800000 shares at a price of 15 yuan per share, with a value of 1.2 million yuan. After that, Xiaogang felt a little uncomfortable, so he called the company in person to ask. The Secretary of the board of directors of the company told Xiaogang that the company's stock value was only 1-2 yuan, and the company suffered serious losses, and was about to be delisted from the new third board market. Xiao Gang knew he had been cheated.


Trick 10: selling "investor education" and "stock speculation" courses

Main methods:Lawless elements promote "investor education" courses to investors by making phone calls and adding wechat friends, including explaining stock knowledge, analyzing and predicting the market, teaching stock trading techniques, recommending stocks and guiding trading points. The prices range from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The courses with high prices include "teachers" providing stock recommendation services and "hands-on guidance" through live broadcast and other means. On the surface, they are intended to popularize financial knowledge It is actually illegal to engage in securities investment consulting activities to teach stock trading techniques. After investors purchase the "investor education" course, they are allowed to download their stock trading software, open an account in the software and transfer the stock trading funds, and operate according to the guidance of the "teacher". However, it is easy to recharge and difficult to withdraw, and it is difficult for investors to get back the principal.


Case:Li Si received a sales call. The other party promoted the online course of a securities investor education lecture, saying that he could attend the course for free. After Li Sijia received the wechat from the other party, he followed the link provided by the other party to enter the investment and education lecture page. There were teachers teaching stock investment experience and skills. After listening to the lessons for several times, Li Sijia felt that the results were good. The staff further persuaded Li Sijia to spend money to upgrade the advanced courses. The courses were divided into several levels. The introductory courses with a minimum of 199 yuan included "K-line introductory courses" and other services, The advanced courses worth 29900 yuan include "dynamic analysis system" and individual stock recommendation services. Li Si was in place in one step. He directly bought advanced courses and made investments in strict accordance with the individual stocks and trading hours recommended by the teacher every day. However, two months later, the losses were more than the profits, and the stocks recommended by the original "teacher" fell one after another, resulting in heavy losses.


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