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Theme 1: new sense of wisdom

[Summary Description] The proposal of Industry 4.0 strategy, the popularity of virtual reality technology, and the rapid development of intelligent hardware have led to a wave of innovation by all the people around the country. People understand "high-end technology" in two new directions: one is the pursuit of the ultimate simplicity, maximizing the aesthetics of metal, glass and other real materials.

Theme 2: New Three-primary Colors

[Overview] Red, yellow and blue are the traditional three primary colors. While black, gold and white may be described as the new three primary colors in the sector of mainstream intelligent terminal products in recent years, which are the most recognized by the consumer market and have become widely popular in the world.

Theme 3: Meizu

[Overview] Along with the development of WeChat social communication, "acting cute" has become more of a proactive self-expression, such as MYOTee. "Cute" has become a characteristic of the times. As China's economic growth slows down and people generally accept the status quo under New Normal. The trend of "cute" will become an epochal feature and demand of the times for healing in a state of recession and reform in the future.

Topic 4: flow crystal

[Overview] With the evolution of the screen era, glass materials have been playing a key role in high-end cell phones and smart hardware products. From 2.5D glass to 3D curved glass, from the functional role of screen windows to the decorative role of the future overall curved glass, glass will become a major role in the trend of product appearance innovation. Based on such an insight, we explore new areas of glass coatings, and by using processes such as glass etching, heat transfer printing, nano-imprinting, optical coating, laser etching, and exposure & development, create a new glass aesthetic sensation, which provides a variety of design elements in terms of color, gloss, texture, pattern, etc. We also focus on the perfect balance of our solutions in the aspects of process cost, processing efficiency and so on.
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Purple Rose

[Overview] Naturally proud and charming roses exude a noble and mysterious temperament. Purple roses amplify this attribute, calming, tranquilizing and dignifying!

Kimchi pepper green

[Overview] Kimchi and chili pepper are familiar ingredients in our life. The color of them has become the representative of popular color. The chili green color which is a little cold and refreshing with gardening is not only a visual stimulus but also gives people a taste of sour and spicy.

Tangerine Brown

[Overview] The "tangerine brown", tangerine with some brown tone, is a simple and not vulgar visual color, warming people's heart.

Marigold orange

[Overview] "Marigold orange" is a color named after marigold, representing romance, visually comfortable, and the warmth of yellow-orange tone brings people into a warm space.

Lava flow red

[Overview] Since ancient times, red has been a representative color of enthusiasm, and in 2021 lava flow red is a combination of both good looking and strength, like a lava flow that erupts.

Bright yellow

[Overview] The sunny, clear, friendly, pleasant and optimistic yellow hue is eye-catching. Do you remember the color of the year: bright yellow + extreme gray! PANTONE 2021 Color of the Year Released!

Blue Atoll

[Overview] A tropical island in the middle of the ocean, mingling in the heat and the cool. It's the truest and freest color, bright, giving a sense of presence, and it's also so high class.

Ballet step powder

[Overview] "Ballet Pink", successfully selected as the most beautiful color of spring and summer 2021, integrates clear and elegant, light and translucent as well as eye-catching texture. The faint pink color gives a feeling like a dreamy girl and adds a touch of tenderness.
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