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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Management Policy

1. Labor and Human Rights: Putting People First, Coexisting and Prosperous.

Definition: Adhere to legal operation, people-oriented, respect the rights and interests of employees, do not discriminate against employees, do not engage in forced labor, do not physically punish or abuse employees, respect the freedom of association allowed by law, do not use child labor, work hours, wages and benefits comply with regulatory requirements, and continuously improve to continuously comply with regulatory requirements.

2. Business ethics: honesty and trustworthiness, win-win cooperation.

Definition: Oppose unethical behavior, jointly resist corruption, do not accept bribes, create a clean, transparent, healthy and honest cooperation environment, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and create a better future together.

Environmental policy

Energy conservation and emission reduction, legal operation; Prevent pollution and continuously improve.

Definition: Energy conservation and emission reduction, legal operation: Continuously adopting energy-saving technologies in accordance with the requirements of a resource-saving society, improving resource utilization, reducing resource consumption, reducing pollutant emissions, and complying with applicable laws and regulations engaged in paint and ink production. Pollution prevention and continuous improvement: In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, strengthen management, do a good job in pollution prevention and control, continuously adopt the "PDCA" cycle, continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system, enhance environmental performance and corporate reputation, and enhance stakeholder satisfaction.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Putting people first and safety first; Prevention first, comprehensive management, and ensuring occupational health and labor safety.

Definition: It refers to putting human needs and the safety of human life and property first, as the starting point of all work, vigorously implementing the safety development strategy, and putting safety first in everything. Safety production is the foundation of all production and operation activities of the company, the eternal theme of the company's development, and the basic means of achieving people-oriented. Safety production is like a circle, with no starting or ending point!

Seriously implementing various safety production measures, effectively preventing and resolutely curbing various production safety accidents, promoting the continuous and stable improvement of the safety production situation, the development of the company must be based on the continuous improvement of safety guarantee capabilities, and the practical protection of the lives and occupational health of workers.


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