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Huashan Lunjian Creates brilliance again

Huashan Lunjian Creates brilliance again

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-12
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(Summary description)A wonderful review of Sokan's 2022 martial arts event

Huashan Lunjian Creates brilliance again

(Summary description)A wonderful review of Sokan's 2022 martial arts event

  • Categories:latest news
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  • Time of issue:2022-04-12
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After more than two months of intensive preparations and intense rehearsal, at 15:30 on February 21st, Matsui's 2022 martial arts event kicked off in a dazzling lantern. The luxurious lineup of 14 programs shows the glorious history of making swords - sharpening swords - bright swords and prospects for the future since Matsui Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Every link is splendid, and every actor brings his own charm to the extreme, contributing to the most pleasing annual ceremony in the spring and February.

This martial arts event is hosted by Hunan Songjing New Materials Co., Ltd., Changsha Songrun New Materials Co., Ltd., Dongguan Ouhaishi Chemical Coatings Co., Ltd., Hunan Matsui Advanced Surface Treatment and Functional Coating Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangxi Bechi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xinyichen Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. He Gang, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Matsui, Mr. Huang Jin, Independent Director of Matsui, Mr. Wang Bin, shareholder of Matsui, Mr. Yan Yaofan, shareholder of Matsui, Mr. Dai Lincheng, shareholder of Matsui, Mr. Wu Song, shareholder of Matsui, Mr. Wang Weiguo, President of Matsui, and his family, Mr. Ling Yunjian, Chairman of Matsui Co., Ltd., and his family warmly attended.

A sword needs 28 processes from forging, sharpening to brightening, and it needs to go through countless times of tempering, quenching and polishing. If you want to become a "sword" that can overcome thorns and thorns, you must follow the "spirit of the sword". Next, let's travel back to the "Wuxia Sword Show" together to feel the residual heat and heat of the scene and the glorious moments we have walked together.


"Sword Casting"
Without going through a bit of cold, how can plum blossoms be fragrant


"Tiger and Tiger"

The flags and flags are in sight, the drums and horns are alternated, and the heroines gather from all over the world, heroic and valiant, slamming Fang Qiu.


"Wulin Wind"

Quanzhenjiao - Management Center + Securities Affairs Department + Audit Department

Mingjiao - Financial Center

Wudang School-Supply Chain Center

Happy School-Research Institute

constellation school-xinyichen company

Kunlun Pie-Ou Hash Company

Tianshan Pie-Songrun Company

Hengshan Pie-Bichi Company

Huashan School-Marketing Center

Shaolin School-R&D Center

Rivers and lakes are windy and rainy, and knights are heroes. The ten martial arts of Jianghu gathered together to form a different martial arts with their own moral cultivation and the pursuit of dreams.


"Casting the Sword" Performance: Huashan School

Wearing the moon and wearing the moon, ten years and one sword, time is silent, and accumulation is thin. Casting the sword in the heart with the spirit of the craftsmen of a great country, tempering and precipitating the Matsui Rui culture.


"Our Song" Performance: Quanzhen Sect

The dynamic melody sings our ups and downs, resonates with Matsui's rhythm, and records the road and experiences we have traveled together.


"Sharpened Sword"
Thousands of diggings are hard work, but only after blowing all the mad sand can reach the gold


"The Legend of the Condor Shooting" Performance: Constellation School + Xiaoyao School

On the road of chasing our dreams, we strive to use our focus and professionalism to make our experience a legendary story in the mouths of others.


"I Came From Matsui" Performance: Mingjiao

From the fledgling martial arts junior to the hero of the country "with a sword to fix the mountains and rivers", Matsui's road to success is also the road of honor for each of us.


"Fengshengshuiqi" Performance: Wudang School

Research in the business field, as well as perseverance, pursuit of excellence, unity and cooperation, gratitude, simplicity and inclusiveness, have made us flourish in the international market. Combining rigidity and softness, continuous development, continuous development, and vigorous development into the future.


【Care Mutual Aid Fund Donation Link】

(Fund founder Brian and employee representative Lu Xianyin were interviewed)

All great sects have their own strong endogenous power. Being chivalrous and righteous is the basic morality of people in martial arts. We uphold chivalrous style and make love a beautiful world through mutual support.
This time, the Love and Mutual Aid Foundation received donations from 336 partners with a total amount of 204,090.99 yuan. Among them, Chairman Brian donated 100,000 yuan. Without accumulating small steps, there is no way to reach a thousand miles, and without accumulating small streams, there is no river. It is the small but translucent love of Matsui people that converges into a dazzling and powerful love.


"As Long as Ordinary" Performance: Shaolin School

We have the spirit of "Sword Qi traverses 30,000 miles, and a sword shines across nineteen continents", and we also have the tenderness of "I hope everyone will be safe and will spare no effort to get out of the mountains and forests". Xia is not a stubborn and arrogant persistence, but a wish to save the world.


"Bright Sword"
Difficult things in the world are made in strictness, and great things in the world are made in detail


"Fan and Ink Slips" Performance: Kunlun School

The sharpness of the sword, the romance of the flute, the elegance of the fan, and the agility of the painting, all of which have been constructed into this imaginative martial arts.


"Home in Matsui" Performance: Tianshan School

The ancients had poems, and the place of peace of mind is my hometown. The good news is that we are here and our home is here. After the knight ran away for half his life, he returned home as a teenager.


"My Motherland and Me" Performance: Hengshan School

A family is the smallest country, and a country has thousands of families. Only when there are everyone can there be a small family. The great hero is for the country and the people. Matsui has always maintained a simple sense of patriotism, resonating the fate of the company with the motherland.


【Guest singing session】


"Virgo": Wang Baopu, a family member of Matsui

Pursue dreams with dreams, and persist in actions with actions. This is the most beautiful romance you have on the road to the future and when you are intensively cultivating your career.


"Source": Brian, Chairman of Matsui Co., Ltd.

And travel thousands of miles, and come back from a dream. Don't forget the original intention, Fang De is always. There are thousands of ravines and ravines on the road under our feet, but we are facing thousands of miles of mountains and rivers. This is the splendid beauty we want to see when we set off, and it is also the reason why we persevere in the martial arts.


"I Believe": Shareholder Member + God of Fortune Matsui

Faith is the most powerful force in the world. Believe in yourself, you can create great miracles; believe in the company, you can achieve the greatest value for us; believe in customers, you can share the best future.


【Lottery draw】

The melody that reverberates in our minds, and the wonderful pictures with endless aftertastes record our extraordinary experience. The enthusiasm does not diminish. Let the words of persistence, unity, and gratitude flow in the tiny details of our daily work and life, and become Matsui. Invisible cultural memory in the human heart.
Every scene in the past is vivid in my eyes, and every persistence in the past is still surging in my heart. Time is non-stop, and despite the wind and rain, the footsteps are still moving forward.


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Huashan Lunjian Creates brilliance again